constitutional bias

An Uninspired CC Ruling on Expired Passports

This is a translated and slightly adapted version of an article originally published in Romanian. On January 14, a freshly reshuffled (Ro.) Constitutional Court okayed restrictions barring Moldovans from voting abroad in the February general elections with any form of ID other than a valid passport. The restrictions were challenged by Ombudsman Mihail Cotorobai, who argued they would be unfair and disproportionate to fellow Moldovans abroad, considering the many options given to resident voters to identify themselves, including a fairly easy procedure of getting a temporary ID on Election Day. With zero days worked on the Bench prior to their shocking appointment last December, judges Reșetnicov, Gurin & Co took only four days (including the weekend) to deliver the final verdict, siding with the government in a way that underlines the government’s duplicity on diaspora-related matters. Two more weeks had to pass before the decision was published.[1] In